Semalt: How To Make Use Of Video Marketing?

Various social media marketers and freelancers get tired of the same email templates. Whether you are a webmaster or offer your products or services, it is your job to generate revenues if you want your business to survive on the internet. Odd LinkedIn overtures, useless ads, and cold calls cannot bring business to you, so it's time to think out of the box. Almost all brands have adopted the video-centric messaging strategy that reaches their target customers and helps them increase the sales.

We recently talked to the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, Oliver King, and asked him some questions. We wanted him to demonstrate how videos can be deployed throughout the sales funnel. We were also interested in knowing why it is essential to use videos while marketing a brand.

Stage#1: Discovery phase – video for problem

If you believe that it is easy to target a large number of customers on the internet, you might need to change your strategies. The discovery phase is all about journey, where the customers look for information about your brand from scratch. They want to see how your products or services help them resolve their issues, so this is the right time to use videos for all problems. This phase is useful for them who are struggling with small businesses and want to accomplish their tasks in a short time.

Stage#2: Learning phase – video for benefit

Learning phase is when you can use a particular video for personal or professional benefits. There are a lot of examples on the internet, helping small businesses establish themselves. If a mid-sized B2B company is looking for the ways to unload the process that hasn't scaled in line with his business, you can help him understand the benefits of videos. Through videos, it is easy to engage a large number of customers on the internet. If your company is operating in a specific product or offering a particular service, then videos can be used to engage more and more people.

Stage#3: Decision phase – video for stakeholder

Reviewing a large number of bids is time-taking. Experts have noted that the major holdup in the B2B sales procedure is corralling the internal stakeholder and convincing all of them to log out of an initiative. If you have been creating videos to engage your customers, you should create them from a boss' perspective. Various salespeople and marketers make anonymous decisions and get no benefits from their efforts. At this stage, a stakeholder should care about the costs and how to attract more and more customers to his company or products.

Stage#4: Purchasing phase – video for sale

The last purpose that videos serve in the B2B industry is closing the deals. At this point, experts suggest creating videos that could boost your sales to a great extent. Meanwhile, the legal obstacles should be treated properly. For the B2B companies, it will take some time to establish themselves and to start generating revenues. But there is nothing to worry about if you have created a bunch of videos. In short, videos help provide the final push to get more and more sales.

2017 can be called as the year of videos, and metrics reveal that marketers are showing more interest in generating videos than using traditional techniques and methods.

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